Chief Meteorologist Candace Carr

I have the coolest major. I cannot stress enough how awesome it is to enjoy my classes and actually gain useful tools for my career. Granted, I cannot say that about each of my classes this semester, but my Video Production course takes the top spot for my favorite class this year.

DRK 57 News

For my Video Production final, our class was tasked with creating a 30-minute live production with some pre-filmed packages inside. Our group landed on DRK57 News, a Drake news program. We began the pre-production process right before Relays and started on our pre-produced segments, live shots, commercials, and PSAs. While a great time, Relays came and went, and so did a few people in our class. A few folks got sick and could not work on our production, so we had to make some adjustments!

Student Meteorologist

Before anyone was sick in the class, I was already set to be the student meteorologist of our news program. In my 2:00 segment, I was asked to add a humourous weather “bit” of sorts about Drake. Fortunately for me, the university has some of the strangest weather, both inside and outside of buildings, giving me lots of content to work with.

In “Weather First with Candace Carr”, I gave some temperature reading about our residence halls with one of the oldest residence halls having the worst temperature controls. I also created a fake storm system and radar for the campus on Photoshop and ad-libbed some humorous shade on the university football team. Who knew years of watching weather forecasts would help me manufacture one of my own? To conclude my forecast, I offered some advisories for those watching our program. The first advised students five foot five and under to place bricks in their backpacks to avoid getting blown away by high wind gusts. The next advisory included students avoiding practicing in the Fine Arts Center practice rooms to avoid any heat-realted illnesses. Finally, I got to “advise” campus to avoid the steam that escapes a manhole cover outside the Olmsted Student Center. Even with adding humor to the script, some of these advisories come from real places here at school.


While this class was my one and only eight a.m. class of the semester, I really enjoyed it. My professor was a ton of fun to learn from, my classmates were great to work with and my early morning walks proved to be quite peaceful. I’m excited to use more of my in-studio and digital production skills to work on more projects in the future.