CC’s Fashion Highlights

Having a school uniform from ages three to 18 really took a toll on my fashion prowess. I was the queen of wearing excessive amounts of neon and sports headbands, religiously bought accessories from my safe haven Claires, and held a silent obligation to wear tennis shoes with every outfit. With all that being said, the 2020 pandemic gave me the perfect opportunity to reinvent my closet and thus, myself.

Much of my fashion is inspired by the 1970s and 1990s. I grew up going to consignment shops, flea markets, and other thrift stores with my mom, so I have always held a love for secondhand clothing. Anytime anyone asks: “Where did you get _____ (outfit piece) from?” I always excitedly answer: “It’s thrifted!”

13-year-old me at a summer camp with tennis shoes and excessive sports headbands.

“When you look good, you feel good.”

Going to college in Iowa has inspired me to make each day count. The frigid temperatures, intense wind, and long days of classes can really drain the energy out of me. To combat this, I try to put on a fun outfit every day to keep things fresh and make the mundane days a little brighter.

Outfit Highlights

March 20, 2023 90s pattern sweater (thrifted), spandex skirt (thrifted), black sheer tights, and platform Doc Martens boots.

A good outfit can always be elevated by some accessories! I paired this outfit with my mom’s bamboo earrings, a headscarf, and some simple eye-corner makeup.

March 22, 2023- A preppy country club look with my sorority sweater. Paired with a white turtleneck, white skater skirt, white crew socks, and my yellow and white Adidas sneakers. (See young Candace, THIS is how your rock a tennis shoe with an outfit)

Next, another one of my accessories is my confidence! I love taking photos and videos highlighting my “fits”. In my room, in public, it doesn’t matter: you look good, celebrate it!

October 10, 2022– 90s Girl Scout Scout sweatshirt (thrifted), high-waisted jeans (thrifted), and Adidas sneakers.

Tips for exploring your personal style:

  • Explore as many genres as possible! Don’t limit yourself to one specific style. You can rock it ALL!
  • Vision boarding is key! Pinterest is my favorite tool for putting together outfits and fashion inspiration.
  • Find out your basic pieces! Mine is a white turtleneck. I can pair it with any outfit and it will always look good!
  • Never forget an accessory or two. They can really elevate an outfit when you want an extra pop!